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Beggar o beggar

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Everyday is a new story !

I parked my car at Eaton, Karachi in Defense, and as soon as I try to find a waiter who serves for cars in Parking. A boy of around 8 years old sticked to my car window of the side door. He started staring on me as he found a ghost in the car, I tried twice to tell him go away, but he was like glued.

I started pressing horn of my car to call the waiter, on his arrival I asked for bring the menu and this little guy was watching me like a cop staring at criminal before any crime. I asked waiter to get me rid of him. He ran away and went to his siblings sticked with other cars & engaging people.

After a while, he came with his younger brother or cousin and stood in same position. This time I laughed at his situation and asked what he want?

He said, he need some money to eat food
I gave him like 50 rupees and he pointed to the cold drink I was holding to have. I gave my cold drink to him and he ran away. In a while or so, I found some other champs following the same and got sticked with my car window and asking for money & food.

And suddenly, I thought, I might need a lot of money to share something with them, but this is their profession to beg. What we made ourselves due to the behavior we are facing through these tectics of beggars, we actually stopped helping anyone, the reason behind, we know they are professionals and doing their job to beg. It is a profitable industry with multiple strategies, we always find young boys or girls holding whiper in their hands and a bottle of water which they through on your car wind screen without informing you and start whiping it making you unnoticed with their aggression and you can't make them stop.

Sometimes, we find on signals that boys & girls are selling coloring books or pens and their main focus is to ask for money not to sell their items they are holding. What as nation we are educating our children as when they grow, what they gonna deliver to the country.

In Pakistan, we have a law that begging on street is prohibited, and now it become a big industry. We need to know where we are putting our money. A deserving person or kid never ask you for the money or help. We need to find them

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