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Frances 'Baby' Houseman; You are the INSPIRATION

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Ms. Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman! You should be the inspiration to all the young women out there!

Yes people you heard it right! She just got that element that we should be teaching our next generation of girls.

Yeah, I know I know! Some of you must be thinking what the hell I’m talking about? Who is this Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman? So before taking you straight to the point let me invest some lines explaining you my inspiration of this article.

I have been a movie junkie for about whole of my life; I watch anything, anytime, anywhere that interest me regardless of genre, ratings or people’s opinion, but that only reserved to Hollywood and other Foreign movies, as they give mind-boggling variety beside shits like hero fighting for heroin and predictable love triangles. My first step into the world of movies was back then; when I was seventeen (17) with movie Twilight where I found the love of my life. Yes! It’s easy to guess; Robert Pattison. From that time, I want to watch “Dirty Dancing” a romantic classic of 1987, unfortunately one reason or another I just never got a chance to watch it but this very time after nine (9) years I just watched that. And man! It’s a master piece, now I know that why this movie is termed as classic of all time.

But I’m not going to brag about the movie in this article as of two reasons cause I’m so much impressed by amazing woman lead in the movie and I simply don’t have the time to answer “Sharam o Haya” brigade of Pakistan for whom this movie is absolutely ‘Haraam” and even in worst case can get you Hell even before the judgement day. ABSURD!

Khair! The movie has the very important female lead character named Frances Houseman called ‘Baby’ in the overall movie and she has some serious lessons to teach our young girls and even women of any age. So let’s go straight to the points:

  • Baby is a fearless lady who expresses her opinion anywhere at any time on anything! Yes she says whatever she’s cooking in her head without hesitating or feeling ashamed. I loved the way she confronted her father when he was upset with her behavior and friendship with Johnny and crew to clear the air between them and rejuvenate their broken connection.
  • Frances dig into information to come to a conclusion; Judging without information is not her style! She dig into to Penny and Robbie’s situation and then develop her point of view.  
  • Baby is not a coward to hide her mistakes; she admits it openly and even ready to face the consequences as well. This happen two times in the movie and both of the time she was admitting her mistake of telling a lie to save someone else.
  • Baby takes stand either it’s for her or someone else even when it’s costing her badly. She is not bound to society patriarchal standards of woman seeking support of a man instead she made her own point and stand by it firmly. This was something Baby does almost every time in the movie.
  • Baby is an avid learner, she not only inspires but aspires, and she give her 200% learning something which is not her cup of tea. She has never dance in her life, yet she learn to do “Mambo” the most difficult form of dancing, Ouch!
  • Baby has this undying motivation that not only keeps her soul hydrated but motivate everyone else around her encouraging them to seek their true ambition and aspire high. Finally she made Johnny realize his real potential and help him to outshine it.
  • Last but the least, Baby is an exemplary image of a true lady who was breaking all the stereotypes one after another but didn’t lose her grace and beauty of being a woman. With all that exceptions she’s still a fine woman. A lesson for our girls who are turning into “Aurat Ghunda” in the name of women empowerment instead of being an empowered lady with brain.

To my surprise! This movie was released in 1987; a time when topic of women rights have just started to be explore and very less people know and talk about the concept of Equality. But still we see a central character of a woman in the movie; who was driving the overall plot, who was just not showing her skin to get the attention but flaunting her acting skills in form of a zealous character. For me even the character of Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman is a pure delight and treat in the name of women empowerment. And I believe no one could do any better justice with the role than Jennifer Grey. If you ask me, the movie is lot more than just a sexually appealing poster & title or romantic musical.

This movie is the celebration of an independent and empowered young women; which I wanna see my little sister becoming and you should be seeing your little girls becoming. These girls need our support and confidence to outshine like Baby, as such girls are not born but conditioned and brought up to be one so we all grown-ups have to be Dr. Jake Houseman; father of Frances ‘Baby’ Houseman in our little girl’s lives.

Thank you! For tolerating my ever loooonnnnnngggggg article.

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