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Priya Prakash (Sub continent Crush)

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Internet sensation Ms. Priya Prakash Varrier is now social media trend for all the boys between the age group of 16 – 30. In her leaked Malayalam movie song video she is giving some facial expression to the boy and boy replies back sameway. The gesture she made were cute and made her shy happy go lucky nature girl with passion of love and being lovely to her boyfriend. She is now on every individuals news feed including females. Instagram, whatsapp, snapchat facebook stories are all filled up with Priya Praskash nowadays.

Fact what should be noticed is that as the video is leaked before 3 days to valentine day, and the film in which she casted herself is also being on its way to release on somehow in March. This 15 seconds teaser have made all the valentine couples to share their view of showing love by sharing, tagging, mentioning their friends on that post. Ms Priya Prakash Varrier wasn’t logged in on facebook before her this publicity. She was only activated on Instagram with number of followers but now she is the 3rd highest celebrity on Instagram to get 606K followers in 1 day after Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylie Jenner. Even the Sakht Launda famous standup comedian Zakir Khan can’t resist about tweeting her.

This sensational viral video of Priya has made the total free promo of her Malayalam film from social media and now her movie is most awaited among audience due to her cute shy looks. In her movie she is 20 years old BCOM student. She smiles, she winks, and she twirl her eyebrows in leaked video. This publicity stunt is now a days is the finest tactics of social media marketing. Priya Prakash Varrier is now active on Facebook and Instagram with huge fan following.  

This is the power of social media trending. People engagement is faster than anything else in social media when it comes to speed. Without any paid content this video goes viral and famed in India and in Pakistan. Now Priya Prakash is a social media celebrity and with relevant fame and followers.

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